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Ice Cream Flavors


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Moose on the Loose

Chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chunks mixed into a creamy vanilla base. Vanilla base with bits of cookie dough and chocolate chips.

HUGE chunks of real strawberries - yes please! Strawberry base with strawberries - yum

Are you a chocolate lover? Then Moose on the Loose is for you!  A chocolate mousse base blended with baked brownies and chocolate caramel bites. Chocolate mousse base with brownie bites and chocolate covered caramel cups.


Colorado Cookies and Cream

Vanilla Bean

Mint Chocolate Chip

A Colorado take on this version of Cookies & Cream. Large chunks of Oreo Cookies mixed with a sweet vanilla cream base. Sweet cream base with Oreo Cookies.

Made with real vanilla and speckled vanilla caviar for an amzaing vanilla aroma and taste. Vanillas base with crushed vanilla bean seeds.

A refreshing mint ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate chips. No artifical green dye in this one, but you will love the fresh minty taste. Peppermint base with dark chocolate chips.


Purple Mountain Majesty

Mocha Java Jolt

Almond Joy

An award winning flavor combination made with sweet Taro root and chocolate raspberry cups. A beautiful naturally colored purple ice cream. Taro base with chocolate raspberry cups.

A coffee-lover's dream! A silky mocha mousse base filled with chocolate covered espresso beans. Mocha mousse base with chocolate covered coffee cups and espresso beans.

Even better than the candy bar! A coconut-almond base with cocnut flakes, chocolate chips and chocolate covered almonds - please make that a double!


Malted Mazel Toff

Dutch Chocolate

Oatmeal Cookie

An amazing and unique flavor! A malted vanilla base with crushed Heath bars. Mazel Tov!


Hello Chocolate Lovers! A special blend of high end European cocoas mixed together to make a very dark and tasty chocolate option. Dutch chocolate cocoa base.

Another amazing cookie and ice cream combination. A chinamon-nutmeg base with oatmeal cookies.


Salted Peanut Butter Cup

Yellow Cake

Vegan Options

Quite possibly the BEST combination out there! A peanut butter base and chocolate covered peanut butter cups - with a dash of salt for the perfect sweet and salty taste. Throw in a scoop of Dutch Chocolate and you won't be disappointed!

One of the kid's favorites! A yellow cake base with 'Nilla Wafers. Pairs perfectly with almost any other flavor.

Our Vegan flavors change frequently - Lemon, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Salted Oreo to name a few. You will be pleasantly surprised at how delicious a vegan ice cream can be!



Strawberry ice cream, strawberries, milk, whipped cream, sprinkles


 Vanilla ice cream, bananas, milk, whipped cream


Dutch chocolate ice cream, milk, whipped cream


Vanilla ice cream, Nutella, whipped cream, sprinkles


 Vanilla ice cream, espresso, whipped cream, chocolate flakes


Vegan ice cream, almond or oat milk

Build your own

Ice cream of your choice, milk, whipped cream, chocolate flakes



Raspberry Temptation

Vanilla ice cream, hot homemade raspberry sauce, whipped cream

Banana Blast

Salted peanut butter cup ice cream, banana slices, cookies, hot fudge, whipped cream

Seriously Chocolate

Dutch chocolate ice cream, chocolate hot fudge, chocolate cookies, whipped cream

Strawberry Fantasy

Strawberry ice cream, homemade strawberry sauce, chocolate cookies, whipped cream


Vegan and customized sundaes available per request

Mix & Match

3 flavors of ice cream, chocolate hot fudge, whipped cream, topping of your choice







Flat White


Chai Tea or Latté

Hot Tea

Baked Tea

Caffeine free, homemade tea made from real fruits and spices. Immunity boost for long Colorado winters


A scoop of ice cream of your choice topped with a hot shot of espresso & whipped cream

Hot Chocolate

Real thing – no powder ever.
Choose from classic or jazz it up with berries, nuts, or marshmallows

Coffee Pour 4x5-1.jpg


Chocolate Tartlet, Chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake, Tiramisu and many, many more homemade European style desserts. Made daily to spoil your palate. And YES we do have vegan options too. 

Organizing wedding, family gathering, business meeting? Surprise your guests with  the dessert bar. To inquire about our sweet catering, contact us.

More Yummies


Locally Crafted Chocolate Bars

Homemade Chocolate Bars crafted just for you. Perfect gift for someone special

Avocado Chocolate cream

Banana, avocado, prunes, coco powder

GF/ VG per request

Very Berry Smoothie

Banana, berries mix, milk

GF/ VG per request


Banana - Strawberry Smoothie

Banana, frozen strawberries, milk

GF/ VG per request


Chocolate Smoothie

Banana, coco powder, peanut butter, milk

GF/ VG per request

Latte Smoothie

Banana, peanut butter, 1 shot of espresso, milk

GF/ VG per request

Chocolate Smoothie

Banana, coco powder, peanut butter, milk

GF/ VG per request

Charcuterie Board

Assortment of cheese, salami, nuts, and crackers

Sweet Charcuterie Board

Assortment of our premium chocolates

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